Friday, 30 October 2009

October Biting

This whole blogging thing has taken awhile to get my head around, as can be seen by how long between posts. There were also a couple of crazy-busy months thrown into the issue as well. The idea of starting a blog at a busy time, not necessarily a wise one.

It’s given me time to think do I want to keep it going or not? The answer is yes. I enjoy following other blogs, personal and professional ones (my Google reader gets very long very quickly if I fall off the cyber-wagon) and I’ve watched and learned from them. Even as I’ve broken my own rule of being consistent with a minimum amount of posts I find myself thinking of various ideas and things to discuss.

Today I went public over on the RWA Australia blog doing a Blog Bites with Anita Joy. I agreed awhile back and it has taken me some time getting to it. It’s fun to do and I enjoyed answering the questions. I’m definitely feeling my way with what I’m comfortable with in the online world. Sure, I have a Facebook, Myspace and Twitter account, but was I ready to commit myself to a blog or website? I figure a blog is a baby step to this answer. A website? No, not yet.

Must be something about doing the 50K in 30 days that appeals to my inner blogger. I’ve signed up, for the first time, to NaNoWriMo aka November madness. I’ve ummed and aaahed over doing it for years and this year after my June experience have jumped on in.  The idea is to write a book in a month, or at least a partial book.

This time around my mermaid, T’Alinth is finally getting her say. She has been with me since this whole writing journey started. I think she was one of the first characters that would not leave me alone (she is such a pushy, petulant little thing). It has been her that propelled me over the edge into the writing world when I was too nervous to be around other writers (that is a whole other post).

As I write her story, I will continue to revise and polish FireWalker, the book I wrote back in June. It’s going to be a busy and very much writing focused month (but why do I think being busy a month before the craziness that is December is beyond me). Since writing takes centre stage (instead of being overseas, attending conferences) so will Luna Quirks.