Thursday, 12 January 2012

2012 - the year brought to you by the letter W

Wow. 2012 has arrived. Already it's in double figures. January has that effect on me. It's one of those months that you look forward to and boom! you blink and it's gone before you know it. I never feel like I've had the calendar turned onto January for the full 31 days. Weird but true.

So. 2012. At last we meet. Sure, there's been heaps of talk of an apocalypse being the big feature for you at the end of the year but for me so much will happen before that...well, I may need an apocalypse to catch my breath. You are going to be a year of new phases and lifestyles. Why yes. Plural.

My son is off to university to pursue a career in physics and moving in with his dad. I will have gone from school-mum (or mom for those who prefer) to empty-nester in the space of three short months. I don't have time however to actually navel gaze this life transition. I'm too busy preparing for another one.

My wedding (the 1st of the letter "W"s). It is under five weeks away and I like to think of it as being caught in The Wedding Vortex. There shall be some traditional things (we do say vows, sign paper & then break bread after all) but there are many things that may not be seen as traditional (though what goes for traditional these days?).

In amidst all this I am also this year no longer in a day-job (well, at least until August or September). So, my new "day job" is writing. I'm finally able to spend my time on my words (the other "W" in my life). I shall continue to develop the Elemental series as well as get on with writing my Vestal Virgin centric story.

I'm looking forward to these changes. As the only constant in life is change. Saying that, I will however be continuing my reading challenges. They help keep me focused. I'm keeping records of them over on Goodreads I'm again using the challenges set up by Book Chick City (who I found via the wonderful Eleni).

My choice this year shall be -

I'm always wanting to expand my exploration of authors and genres so this fits beautifully. I'm going with 25 as the goal. Should be do-able.