Thursday, 6 January 2011

2011 Reading Challenges

After the toe-dabbling in 2010 with reading challenges, I’ve decided to once again take some up.

However, this year I want to take up some new and shiny challenges. I’m a reading omnivore, there isn’t much I won’t at least try to read. Finishing may be another question (I’m looking at you Russian authors and Jane Austen) but committing to starting. Well, that would be a good resolution to put out in the interwebs.

The first one is Stephen King. I have ‘On Writing ‘somewhere handy most of the time but other than an occasional novella, I’ve never really delved. As a result I'm taking the option to read six in a year. 

Associated with Stephen King, would be the Horror & Urban Fantasy challenge. It's an interesting one this as both terms can create wide variations of what is defined as Horror or Urban Fantasy. I'll be surprised if I don't make the twenty-four reads. 

The final challenge I’m taking is one that will force me to double-check the genre I’m reading. I already read in mystery and suspense topic, but again they tend to have the paranormal, speculative fiction bent. I’m hoping by having this number to achieve I’ll expand my author list (plus I think I can now sneak in my J.D. Robb glomming I've been undertaking too). Twelve is most definitely a manageable number too.

Of course keeping a list is also a handy way of looking back in a year’s time and see that I haven’t been faffing around the house too much.