Thursday, 24 November 2011

How did November & a post about Joss Whedon get here?

So, this month it appears I've gone and written a post about Joss Whedon and storytelling for the Darksiders Blog. You can learn how Joss brought me into the world of emotion, stories and dinosaur betrayal.

The rest of my life has been very busy on the parenting front. My son is now officially a high school graduate which means we are all free of the school regime. So excited about it on many fronts, one of which is no more early morning starts. Well, except tomorrow which shall be an OMG-o'clock start due to assessing night shift workers. It's so rare, I don't mind. Too much.

The lead up to silly, crazy, hot season this year also absorbs waiting for university offers for son and realising it's now under three months until I get married.