Saturday, 30 July 2011

Unintentional Radio Silence

Or should that be unintentional blogging silence. There was a plan. To do a blog during the Romance Writers of Australia 50K30day challenge. Being consistent, I didn’t pull that off either. Real Life intervened (as it does).

July saw me co-ordinating on the ground the RWA 5DI program. Was interesting being on the other side of the fence as six years ago I did a similar event called EnVision. I’ve never looked back from doing it and wanted to pay it forward. In between timekeeping during 5DI, editing managed to resume (I’d hoped to, but wasn’t planning anything). Was such a relief after so many bumps this year.

Back in June, the plan was to get on with edits and to make headway into my current wip (aka mermaid’s story). However, she and Real Life had other plans.  I’ve spent the snatches of available time reworking the turn she insisted on doing. Now I have this, the dirty draft is going to go down.  

Now, August looms.  Of course, August in Australia also means the RWA annual conferenceIt’s the 20th anniversary and looking like being a wonderful shindig with plenty of networking, fun and learning.This year is in Melbourne and one of the guests I’m very much looking forward to meeting is Kelley Armstrong. Melbourne is a lot cheaper (and shorter) to fly to than Canada. 

I find it very amusing in my final year as an unmarried woman I will be room sharing (think of it as a professional girls weekend). Continuing on this train of thought is my other half mentioning since next year’s conference is much closer to home he may tag along (we get married and he comes to crash my girl’s weekend, er, I mean professional development).

Given we are both off to Brighton, England in 2013 for World Fantasy Convention (our delayed honeymoon) perhaps starting with a Romance Conference may be a wise thing.