Thursday, 2 May 2013

Rest and transformation

A polite oops, upon realising I haven't posted here since the end of last year. I thought I had. And then discovering I'd left this post in draft mode (technology and me, we will learn to embrace each other).

This year has been, unexpected, on a few levels which is all par for the course of life and I know it's giving me a wonderful depth of emotion to draw upon for my storytelling.  However, in saying that, I've come to some conclusions that mean I need to pull back a bit. Not that this blog has been busy (or regular) however, it does play on my mind.

Being a regular user of Google Reader (so not looking forward to the demise of this and finding a new way to stay on top of my blog reading), I know what I like regarding how many posts etc. I'd always intended this blog to be roughly once a month and that hasn't happened for quite awhile.

The result being a decision to go into a hibernation of sorts (hence the chrysalis images). In saying that, many wonderful things happening to many around me, I may well come by here and shout it out here along with twitter.

I'm not leaving the internet, I socialise (at times way too much) in various places and can be found most easily on twitter. If you tag me in a tweet I'll get notified and reply.

Meanwhile, in the interim, for myself, it's getting back to words. To telling myself the stories that are backing up in my brain.