Sunday, 18 April 2010

Time Vortex

I seem to have fallen into one this year. So much for the year being quiet. I really should know better by now. I did have a quite relevant reason for missing March online. During the mad preparations that was the Emerald deadline my laptop died. Died as in replacing the hard drive. Luckily for me, the m/s was in email land waiting for my reader/edit . One thing it did teach me, I must really want to pursue this writing thing. I could’ve quit. I could have in the tears and swearing, sometimes simultaneously quit. Stopped. Walked away. I didn’t.

The computer going kaplooey did throw a spanner in the works of my life. It didn’t help the computer was physically away for some time and when it did come home it wasn’t right. It still isn’t completely there but at least now I’m not so gun-shy of coming back online. My Google reader was approaching scary proportions with many still to be caught up on.
I’ve been amazed at how online many lives have become. Not just for writing but also socially and professionally. I had HR, pay office and all manner of things caught in emails I could not access (until recovery had occurred).

This brings me to the other reason for my absence online, or rather, my minimalist approach to online time. I have taken on an extra contract. I have no idea why given my plan this year was to write two books and get much more serious about sending the stories out into the world (I’ve whittled it down to one book to be written now). Life happens. So I’m now back in an adult classroom as well as my usual factory playground for work.

Making me organised is the way I’m seeing it. I’ll be this way until the end of June (or until the teacher I’m replacing returns, which I’m guessing will be early). Just in time for my event planning to take place.

So April is past the half way point. Least living in Australia I don’t have to worry about my taxes (that would be September for me) but juggling work x 2, engagement/birthday event planning, family and oh yeah, writing is keeping me out of any kind of mischief.

Til next month. Ciao.


  1. Ah I know that time vortex so well. Glad that the computer problems are to the point where you can get online. What a pain that must have been. Good luck with the contract. You've done it though - you posted this month, so you achieved your goal :-)

  2. Hi Eleni! Thanks for dropping by. The contract by teaching standards is not a difficult one (just the time sucking from writing *lol*). The computers a pain yep, most definitely (doesn't help that by touching/using my son's - his now is undergoing repairs...) :-)

  3. Hey Nikki, you crazy gal! What's with the second contract? I distinctly remember our chat in December... cutting down on work, more time to write - ring any bells? Good luck with the juggling and meeting those goals. Hugs.

  4. Hi Anita! Er....Um.... Well you, see... To be honest I STILL don't know the how or why I said yes. The good news is I finally received the contract and it looks like wrapping up on May 26.

    Leaves me free for RWA 50Ks in 30 days - which I'm really going to need to utilise this year!

    We WILL catch up before August! We must :-)