Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Dark Side Down Under

Time is flying. I’m certain this year someone, somewhere, wound up the clock to see how humanity copes with the speed. I’ve essentially been recovering from all the trips taken, cons attended & workshops undertaken. As well as absorbing all of those experiences.

Something else that has been stirring is the creation of the Dark Side DownUnder blog. Eleni Konstantine & Keri Arthur have been the masterminds behind this outing of the RWA Australia Paranormal group.   

We’re being let loose on the world…on Halloween no less. The group has on many occasions been a wonderful place of support and encouragement (as well as a place to discuss essential topics like who is the hotter Dean or Sam).


  1. Dean. Without a doubt.


  2. Hey Heather. I've yet to a decision or commitment to this topic. It's still on my to-watch series list :)

  3. I'm more a Dean girl but I do have a soft spot for Sam.

    And yes, we are a fun group aren't we Nicky. See you on the Dark Side....

  4. Well, I can say I'm able to say now after nearly glomming 4 seasons in a week I'm a Team Sam girl :)