Monday, 29 October 2012

How did October get here?

Halloween is nearly upon the world and that means the DarkSide DownUnder blog is due a birthday. How time flies. Two years in fact. Some great celebrations are going on over there, complete with blog hops and giveaways. Go and have a squiz at what the Darksiders are getting up to, or under...or through for that matter (one never knows with paranormal writers).

I’m off to the inaugural GenreCon being held in Sydney over the coming weekend. It’s a coming together of multiple genres, primarily speculative fiction, romance and crime - my three favourite beasts. I’m sure there will be more pondering thoughts to come from what looks to be a great line up of guests and panel topics. 

A year of changes. I knew 2012 was to be one of those. If you told me what some of these changes would be I’d be disbelieving. Living in interesting times is well, interesting. A lot of fodder for the mill of my brain which is still being chomped through. 

Not to mention this house has a new resident in the form of a Ninja Kitty.

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