Thursday, 8 November 2012

GenreCon wrap up

GenreCon has come and gone and what a blast it was. Being the first of its kind (in Australia) I was curious to see how the amalgamation of the various tribes would go. I've been a part of all three at some stage (most noisily in romance and spec fic) and it truly was wonderful to be able to catch up with friends from all areas at the same time.

The panels were a good mix of topics and I think the idea of using topics that were wide enough to encompass each genre, then having someone from each tribe being on the panel worked brilliantly (instead of say, a specific genre focused topic).

Given two of the three guests were from NYC (and giving the phrase shelter from a storm a whole new level of meaning), the guests of honour were lovely to meet and very generous sharing their wisdom, experiences and generally being available throughout the con.

The banquet dinner on the Saturday night was fun and the chats between courses a great idea. Sarah Wendell's presentation of a live snark went down brilliantly and I'm sure many will never view a platypus the same way again...especially when the highlight end cover was revealed. I know personally, bow ties and fuschia have gone to a new level of understanding (or therapy required).

After two days of interesting, thought provoking and inspiring panels, the con was wrapped with a Great Debate. A topic which has been since time eternal, a dilemma...Plotters vs Pantsers. It brought the house down with both sides bringing their best game. For those witnessing it, I doubt it will ever be forgotten. A fantastic way to wrap up.

GenreCon has been successful enough that there will be another next year, with Brisbane the host. I recommend highly anyone from any genre to experience it. I know I'll be trying to get to it.

A huge shoutout, bravo and sleeping vouchers to the organisers of GenreCon - the Australian Writers Marketplace, with Meg Vann, Peter M Ball, Aimee Lindorf, Sarah Gory, Sophie Overett, Simon Groth, Perry Woodward, Sharon Phillips,  among the list of invisible ninja staff who held it all together.

I've come back exhausted, inspired and ready to tackle the next phase of my life - both in the mundane day-day sense and the writing sense. Below are a number of links to various attendees of GenreCon who have given wrap ups of the event. If I find others, I'll update as I come across them.

GenreCon wrap up blog roll -

the Australian Writer's Marketplace (the team behind the organising of this convention)
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J. Michael Melican
Jason Nahrung
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Romance Bandits (with Christina Brooke)
Tansy Rayner Roberts
Sisters of the Pen (Rebekah Turner, though I know three other sisters attended)
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  1. Wasn't it fun, Nicky? I'm just doing a piece on it for my website updates in December.

  2. Definitely a lot of fun Anna! Look forward to reading your wrap up, especially the final panel, er,debate :)