Sunday, 8 May 2011

30 Day Song Challenge Day 29 Childhood, Puppets & Eurovision

The end is nigh. Today is the penultimate song choice. A song from your childhood. Being chosen and revealed on Mother's Day no less.

I could go with Abba, have memories of one of their albums being the first one I asked to own. Then I thought I could pull out one of the many hippie country folk songs from John Denver, Carole King, Peter, Paul & Mary, The Seekers since that is what I grew up listening to. But since many songs I've chosen are tending to the more obscure or left of field I figure I should keep this going.......

What I didn't realise in this song choice was it was originally a Eurovision song. Honestly, my mother has a lot to answer for *lol* (the fact Abba did Eurovision in no way changes this fact). The song came out before I was born, how on earth I heard it I have no idea. I do remember the small, single song LP record and requesting to have it played (I couldn't use the stereo system - was too young .....) and bop around the lounge room dancing to it. Repeatedly.

Without further is a classic earworm that can be hard to get out of your head. Puppet on a String sung by Sandie Shaw. Oh, and I managed to find the actual Eurovision very different to what is done nowadays.

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