Saturday, 7 May 2011

30 Day Song Challenge Day 28 What's Guilt? No choices made

Today is the hardest one in the list. Again I knew it was coming and again I have no idea what to use. In fact I'm not going to be putting a song up. Different to guilty pleasures (like chocolate) it is mean to be a song that makes me feel guilty. I don't feel guilty when any song plays and I have none that trigger a case of guilts....

Wonder if that's in part due to the fact I live my life eternally feeling guilt (mother's guilt, creative know, those "I should be doing something about this/that/whatever" sensation and you're not doing it).

I searched around the interwebz to find songs about guilt - since that was the closest I was going to get but even then I was quite meh over the exercise.

Tomorrow is going to amusing as hell (well, in my brain it is).

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