Monday, 9 May 2011

30 Day Song Challenge Day 30 The End is Here! Desire, Romance & Blood

I've done it. Managed to keep with this meme all the way through. Never done this many blogs in a row. I'm thinking the once a  month with extras will be the way to go (it's where I sit comfortably in the blogging world when added to twitter, facebook and oh yeah, that pesky writing thing I do). Part of the experiment in doing this meme via my blog rather than facebook (keeping the list was another) was to see if I wanted to blog more often. I can see a blog post about where the interwebz fits into my world.

The final choice was for favourite song this time last year. May 2010 was a blur. I was busy working 2 jobs (both regarding teaching/training), juggling a teen in the first of two years of senior (we're in the final year now) and organising an engagement shindig......songs weren't really a priority.

Trawling YouTube by ways of friends posting songs on facebook was more how I came across songs last year.

The result is I'm wrapping with two songs.

The first is a performance by a capella group On the Rocks dong a performance of a Gaga medley with Bad Romance dominating (& it was the song on high play on radios too). I love the movements they do along with the general awesomeness of a bunch of guys pulling off the songs.

The second is another I must've heard a lot and started to enjoy via morning weekend tv music shows. Undisclosed Desires by Muse. Added bonus to a version I found on YouTube (before my son bought a few of the cds) is someone put a composite of Eric Northmen & Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood to the song. A fan of the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris and the HBO tv show (though do not watch/read one expecting the other to be the same).  Personally I think the actors playing Pam and Eric in particular have nailed their characters brilliantly. Some of the others I hold reservations on (& just don't get me started on the fairies....)

So to wrap.......some Eric goodness :-)

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