Friday, 15 April 2011

2011 30 Day Song Challenge - Day Six

Oh the relief! Finally, an easy and no-thinking-required choice. Today's selection is Stasia by Tulipan. A group that has since disbanded but through an amusing twist of fate I've become friends with one of the members, Sallie Campbell (via uni and that is another story).

I hear the opening notes of this song and I'm immediately transported back to The Woodford Folk Festival I attended at the turn of the century (1999/2000). It was a huge year for me personally and professionally and with some friends we bought full season passes and pitched our tents.

The finding a link so you can hear it for yourselves is another thing. They were just on the turnaround of the internet music explosion. I couldn't find anything on you tube but found this link and page over on myspace.

So very many memories. It was awesome and all I need to do to bring back the feelings of laying on the hill under the night sky in the amphitheatre is start this song.

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