Wednesday, 27 April 2011

30 Day Song Challenge Day 18 So Many Choices & the Radio

Today's choice is about a song I wish I heard on the radio. Sheeesh. What a loaded selection. I know many wonderful and very talented musicians and wish I could hear all of them on the radio (one of the reasons I no longer listen to the radio as much anymore).

Problem this morning was not just picking only one but working out who had the easiest link out so you can hear them do their thing. So, as a result I'm going to list a few that I'd like to hear on the radio....they would be Sunas (though they are getting play with their new CD Celtic Road just released), Speed of Purple, led by a good friend, Sallie Campbell (who is currently very busy with the Deep Blue Orchestra <--- another group I'd love to hear on radio) and Liz Lecoanet who is one very talented vocalist (but her song is not out for public release as far as I know and I can't link anywhere).

So, with all those wonderful people is another fine singer, Wendy Rule. I heard her live last year at one of the house concerts she did (at friend Mil Clayton's place). Wendy's voice is amazing to hear live - hence why I used a live rather than studio version of the song. Really, the cds (& I own nearly all of them) are a cleaner recording but no changing her tone, depth and strength of voice.

Enjoy The Wolf Sky......

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