Thursday, 28 April 2011

30 Day Song Challenge Day 19 - Playing Favourites

A song from the favourite album. Oh that's not hard. Not hard at all.....yeah, right. I have some albums I've kept for years because they're favourites. I have others that are newer to the collection & I'm thinking they'll become perennial favourites. How does one choose?

Speed of Purple is a band created and led by Sallie Campbell. Yes, Sallie has appeared elsewhere in this list so it's no surprise that she should appear here. I love the sound she creates, and her music choices always leave me inspired. There is a reason why any of her work, no matter where she is, I tend to seek out and enjoy immensely (the fact she is an awesome person is an added bonus). Some of the others Sallie has been tied with have been Tulipan, Deep Blue Orchestra, Kate Miller-Heidke, string quartets & collaborations with many others.

This song is from Beautiful Things and I've chosen Puppet, the opening song to use here. It's one of my favourites but really every song on this album I love and repeatedly listen to.

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