Tuesday, 26 April 2011

30 Day Song Challenge Day 17

A song heard often on the radio. Hmmm, I don't really listen to the radio that much, and, the one I do listen to isn't focused on music. Doesn't help matters, the one time of day I do have it on (aka the alarm clock) they're going through a retro one hit wonder phase (& therefore I can't remember any of them....plus the fact I'm waking up).

So, I'm going with one I hear/see regularly on the weekend music programs on tv. Plus, I know I've gone into my son's room (who does have a music station as his alarm) & heard this one too. Not to mention it's one I can tolerate reasonably well (hey, I could've picked something really annoying & earworm making).

I still feel sorry for him, lugging his piano around. Times like those, playing the piccolo = win.


  1. But a piccolo doesn't sound quite the same : ) Nice song!

  2. Very true Mel (which is probably one of many reasons I stopped playing it LOL).

    Been fun following your song choices too :)