Wednesday, 13 April 2011

30 Day Song Challenge Day Four

I really should get consistent with my subject titles, ah well.

And so we reach the Song that Makes You Sad. It wasn't until I had to choose I realised I don't really have any that make me sad. So, after much thinking and surfing through songs I came to one that the memory and association brings about a melancholic state and if done right, tears can occur.

My sister (who is a trained soprano) sang this in honour of my Nana at her funeral a few years ago. I've always found this song soul reaching but, now if sung by a female it is sure to throw me back to the day of the funeral.

I've chosen Celine Dion from the choices available on You Tube.....I'd much prefer to give you my sister's voice, but she hasn't gotten around to uploading stuff on the interwebz much.

Regardless of where it is in this challenge songlist, I think Ave Maria is a beautiful song and when done right, by instrumental, male or female vocal can move the soul.  As a friend of mine also doing the challenge via facebook, has shown by her choosing Ave Maria as song that makes her happy (we are astrologically flip sides of the same coin so it makes sense....I think).

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