Saturday, 23 April 2011

30 Day Song Challenge Day 14 - Surprise Loving, Gaming & Opera

Now back on track to today's selection - a song no one would expect you to love. This is a fun one to choose - I mean, how do I know what people expect of me? Especially, since music, like my reading is very omnivore-like - pretty much anything goes?

Well, I thought of one. And I loves it. Really do. I think the most amused by my lurve of this one is my son - since it's the end credits to one of his favourite games of all time - Portal (which btw has had the long awaited sequel,  Portal 2 was released only a few days ago).

I loves the lyrics, the intent, the style and delivery....*sigh*. I'm also amused to have discovered the singer is a classically trained soprano opera singer, Ellen McLain.

I'd even contemplate it as my wedding arrival song next year but you know, good taste and all that (you have to listen to and know the lyrics)....

Now don't you feel like chocolate cake?

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